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  • Lipman 1
    started a topic On the day...

    On the day...

    1958- He came so close to perfection. White Sox lefthander Billy Pierce fired four one-hitters in his brilliant career, but he never came closer to baseball...
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  • *OFFICIAL* 6/13/21 Sweeping Clean the Kitty Litter Box SOX 4 DET 1 Postgamer

    The Sox improve to 41-24 overall.

    The Sox record in games when they do not hit a home run improves to 7-18.

    EDIT: I reviewed...
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  • Dumpjerry
    started a topic Sox 2021 Game thread #5

    Sox 2021 Game thread #5

    Carry on.
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  • *Official* Kan't Win If You Kan't Make Kontact Postgamer

    The offense had a bad day. Giolito deserved a better fate. Take the series tomorrow afternoon.
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  • At what point does Yermin Mercedes get sent to Charlotte

    I drove all the way from the northwest side to Bridgeport to eat a Yerminator burger back in April, but apart from that one home run Mercedes has not...
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  • Frater Perdurabo
    started a topic Potential Trade Targets

    Potential Trade Targets

    Back in Spring Training, who would have guessed the starting rotation would be the strength of the team? The rotation ought not to be wasted, so it’s...
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  • *OFFICIAL* 4-29 DH Game 2 Kittens Cease Scoring SOX 11 DET 0 Postgamer

    Heck of a game. Dylan had it all working. Great command and so much movement. This is the guy so many of us were hoping to see after a strong ST. Hope...
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  • *OFFICIAL* 4-29 DH Game 1 Rodon Rides Again SOX DET 1 Postgamer

    I think Rodon might be the real deal.
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  • voodoochile
    started a topic Article on Several Sox pitchers

    Article on Several Sox pitchers

    Article on Kopech, Cease, the bullpen and Keuchel regarding their progress this season. As expected Heuer, Hendricks and Bummer were not available yesterday....
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  • voodoochile
    started a topic A request to use tags

    A request to use tags

    Hi folks,
    Please take advantage of the tags feature when creating posts. If we want to see more members we have to become better know. Common tags...
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  • voodoochile
    started a topic WSI2 Climbing the Charts...

    WSI2 Climbing the Charts...

    Just wanted to make an announcement. The new forums have now climbed up to the 2nd page of results when you search for White Sox Message Boards. I admit...
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  • Playoffs!!!


    Sox fans have been waiting twelve years for today - twelve long frustrating years. Along the way we've seen our share of bad baseball. We've had to endure so many bad players, partial rebuilds and finally a full tear down to start from scratch with a bunch of kids. Last year we started to see some of the fruits as young players came on to show promise and help give a glimpse of the future and then everything got put on hold. The whole world got put on hold and all we could do is scratch our heads and say, "what now?" As Bill Veeck once quipped ""If there is any justice in this world, to be a White Sox fan frees a man from any other form of penance."

    But the season finally got going in late July and after a slow start and a lot of hand wringing and questions, much of it brought on by our nemesis from Minnesota in the first week of the season, the Sox took off. The young kids started hitting and the defense looked solid and they had not one but two or even three MVP candidates at various times. Entering these final two weeks against much tougher competition the Sox were the #1 team in the American League, but standing in our way was that very same Twinkies team. Some were convinced this would be the moment the Sox proved to be pretenders, getting fat on weak competition and now the butchers bill was due. Monday they won a squeaker. Tuesday was easier as rookie Pitcher Dane Dunning in only his 5th start rose up and led the team to victory. Wednesday our ace let us down a bit and the offense couldn't get anything going and the Sox took a painful loss, more so with the match-up coming Thursday day with Minnesota sending an ace to the mound as the Sox went with Renaldo "Mr. Wishy-Washy" Lopez. ...
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