Welcome to the new WSI Forums. Sadly, due to the passing of FarWestChicago we had to let the old site fade away. Honestly this is fitting. West was the driving force behind the old site and with his passing, his work should go with him. We were unable to transfer the old content due to major tweaks that were made to the code on the old site that would have led to a lot of broken code and no functionality if we had tried. Some of the moderators remain and we ask that you continue to treat them with the respect you have in the past.

While the content is lost, the spirit lives on. You will find this site very similar to the old one in functionality and BONUS! the smilies work again. We were even able to rescue most of the old tags and smilies from the old forums so hopefully it will feel like home. Yes the language filters still exist and we still ask you not to try to evade them. We want to be a home for anyone, even younger members who want to talk Sox Baseball. Politics is still not allowed other than in the special hidden forum you have to ask to join.

A couple of small tweaks were made to the forums. There is no more What's the Score forum. Please feel free to discuss the Cubs in the Talking Baseball forum. There is no subscriber system setup so the Bards Room also has passed into oblivion. For now we will not be asking for contributions to keep the site running and while we may restore ads in the future at present it is not a priority. We also won't be creating a special forum for Gameday threads at this time - just post the gameday threads in the Sox Clubhouse for now. Finally, ticket sales will no longer be allowed.

We do have a home page back as you probably noticed - you're reading this article on it now. If you would like to be considered to write articles for the site just shoot an email to [email protected].

There are more features available while posting and a built in dictionary. Hopefully you will find it easy to use but feel free to post a question if you have one. There's a link stuck at the top of the Sox Clubhouse to do so. Honestly, we're still figuring things out too, so probably expect a few changes as time passes, but for now, feel free to restart any old threads you would like to and let's try to make this place home like the old site was.

Thanks for sticking around and of course... GO SOX!!!