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MLB to Allows Use of Anti-Sign Stealing Tech This year

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  • MLB to Allows Use of Anti-Sign Stealing Tech This year

    I didn’t see this anywhere yet. I figured it probably deserved it’s one thread. Apparently it was trialed in a game a couple of days ago and it seems they are going ahead with the option this year. From what it looks, TLR is in favor. We will likely see it used for our guys.

    Pitchers and catchers will have the option of using new technological signaling devices as they decide what pitches to throw in the upcoming regular season, industry sources told ESPN.

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    I wonder how long until the calls are made from the dugout? Teams will hire a "defensive coordinator" to decide what pitch to throw.


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      I'd be curious to know if teams will allow their guys to use or not use at an individual level. Haven't come across anything suggesting that its an all or nothing adoption or decline of use. It would be interesting if teams also decide to use it against certain other teams and not others...


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        Stealing signs isn't against the rules. Using electronic devices to steal signs is. The problem in Houston was the NASA built camera in center field and the HD video board near the dugout. But what started all of this was Carlos Beltran figuring out what Shaun Green and Carlos Delgado taught him which was that almost every pitcher tips their pitches in some capacity. The most common is open glove for off speed and closed glove for fast ball. So, while pitchers and catchers can now use an electronic device to get the call to the pitcher (which I'm fine with), if the pitcher is tipping their pitches allegations of sign stealing will closely follow.