Hearing last week that Joey Cora got let go as the Pirate's third-base coach reminded me of a funny incident that took place during Ozzie's tenure as manager. I think Cora was the instigator. One day when they were playing the Orioles, Cora (or maybe Guillen?) brought out the line-up card as usual before the game. But in this case, as a direct jab at manager Buck Showalter's intelligence (or perhaps just to give him a hard time 'cause they didn't particularly like him) Cora had pasted little photos next to the Sox players' names on that day's card. Apparently it really ticked off Showalter, too. lol. I googled various word combinations, but couldn't find anything about this at all. I'm sure I didn't dream it up. I never particularly liked Showalter either. ;) Does anyone remember this happening?