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RIP Tommy Lasorda

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  • RIP Tommy Lasorda

    RIP to a true legend.

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    Got to see his team win another ring before he checked out. RIP.


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      He was the Southpaw sent down to make room for a promising kid name Koufax.


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        One of the great characters of baseball. Before becoming head coach, when he was the third base coach for the Dodgers, I recall him razzing Pete Rose whenever they played the Reds, to the tune of "Pete, you were voted second in best-looking third baseman in MLB. Everyone else tied for first."
        I want my $2

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          One of the best ambassadors for the game ever. R.I.P. Tommy

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            Was a fan of Mr. Lasorda even before falling in love with baseball.


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              RIP, Mr. Lasorda.
              (Formerly asindc.)

              "I have the ultimate respect for White Sox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Red Sox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country." Jim Caple, ESPN (January 12, 2011)

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                Coach Lasorda
                Riding Shotgun on the Sox Bandwagon since before there was an Internet...