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  • R-e-s-p-e-c-t

    Yes, get the song in your head.

    Was in Minneapolis over the weekend. As I was checking into my hotel, a dude on his bicycle with a Twins' hat saw my truck with the White Sox plates. The conservation went like this:
    Dude: Hey, are you Giolito's dad?
    Me: Sure.
    Dude: Your team is the real deal. They are scary good. They are the team to watch.
    Me. Thank you.

    Nice to hear some respect for what our boys have done instead of the belittling bull**** from envious Cub fans.

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    I was expecting this to go in a different direction and add a little more juice to the series.


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      This series is one of the Sox' litmus tests,IMO. If they can win 2 of 3 (or all 3), they can start to think about being yearly contenders. The Sox are catching the Twinks at a good time.Let's turn that 5 game losing streak into a 7 or 8 game losing streak for the Twinkies. One big break; they won't see Maeda.