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  • Tips and answers to asked questions

    This thread is for quick reference to questions people are asking so they don't have to scan the whole questions thread. As questions are answered replies will be copied to this thread which will remain locked to make finding answers easy.

    Originally posted by Dumpjerry View Post
    Is it possible to quote multiple posts in a posting like at the old WSI? I did not see a button for that.
    Originally posted by voodoochile View Post

    I will look into it.
    Okay this is how to do that.

    Click on the quote button at the bottom of each post you want to quote then click on the "post reply" button at the top right or bottom left of the thread you are replying in. That will add all the quotes to the reply box and you can reply from there. For now I've set the limit to 5 posts quoted. I'm not sure this works for posts you want to quote on separate pages of the thread.
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    Other answers summarized here:

    If you click on your user name next to any post you will be taken to your profile. From there you can edit your signature and email notifications among other things including your timezone preference. Font sizes and other options can be controlled when making a post. There is even a dictionary option available now.

    How to put an image in your signature:
    1. Under your profile upload the picture to your media section.
    2. Then right click to get the URL and use the img tags in the signature box to add the image to your signature.

    Insert video code works as a substitute for the old Youtube option we had the old site. It supports Youtube and other formats.

    Possible replacements for the teal option include dark cyan and strong cyan. I will try to change the name if possible in the future.
    Riding Shotgun on the Sox Bandwagon since before there was an Internet...