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  • *Official* 7/22 That's How You Come Out of the Break? Postgamer

    I know it's only one game, but it feels like the end of that road trip was an illusion right now.

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    So much for home cooking …..



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      So much for Engel being the preferred CF choice when LouBob can play again. That was NOT a good night of defense for our defensive specialist.
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        The Guards looked like they wanted this game a lot more than the Sox did, they hustled their butts off, perfect example was the grounder to Abreu that Gio didn't cover first base in time. Do our guys realize they are in a race for the division and wild card spots, sometimes I wonder.
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        Now coming up to bat for the White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.


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          Hawk would have been beside himself last night with the number of duck snorts and Kansas City Specials that went for hits for Cleveland. I guess soft contact beats no contact. A good night for the Friends of Nicky, but Giolito deserved better. Grandal looked over-matched all night at the plate and Eloy can barely get down the line. Sox need Lance and Johnny C. to step up today/tonight.

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            Can't get excited about a very unlucky series soft hits — Cleveland can't count on that for the rest of the year. The real test will be whether or not Lynn can bounce back, or has he lost it.


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              I read soft hits, need Lynn today but the bottom line is that teams don’t win many games scoring 2 runs.


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                This team has no clue when it comes to momentum. After taking 3 of 4 from Minnesota last weekend they come home and stink it up. Giolito was less than stellar once again. And the bats disappeared. It appears as if there is no life or enthusiasm on this ball club. They just seem to go through the motions. Down 4-0 after the first half inning and you just know deep down that this team is highly unlikely to mount any kind of comeback.

                They have a chance to make up for it today with a day night doubleheader. Let's hope Lynn returns to his former self and Cueto can turn in another nice performance.


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                  I said before the start of these 19 games against AL Central rivals that the Sox needed to go 12-7 to make me a believer. Presently they are 8-9, with Saturday’s nightcap and Sunday pending.

                  It’s not good enough.

                  There isn’t a single thing the Sox actually do well. They struggle against crappy teams. They struggle against division opponents. They struggle at home. They struggle against right handed pitchers. They struggle to play good defense. They struggle to hit home runs in a ballpark built for home runs. Everything is a struggle.

                  They have to win tonight and tomorrow just to get back to .500. They haven’t been above .500 for months. They have to win tonight and tomorrow just to earn a split at home.

                  Seriously, expecting Minnesota and Cleveland, or other AL wild card teams, all to collapse to pave the way for the Sox, is not grounds for hope.

                  The fact that they have games coming up against dregs like Oakland, Colorado, and Kansas City, doesn’t inspire confidence because the Sox consistently this year have struggled to beat even bad teams.

                  Sure, injuries absolutely are a legitimate excuse. But “just wait until they are all healthy” isn’t something to plan on because with this collection of players it just never happens.

                  Is it possible they could go 40-25 to close out the season? Sure, anything is possible, like being struck by lighting or winning the lottery.

                  Maybe the best thing is for the Sox to miss the playoffs, and force management to admit (if just to themselves) that this is both a flawed roster and the Hall of Fame manager isn’t good enough to overcome the roster flaws.