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Adding a name/number to a blank jersey

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  • Adding a name/number to a blank jersey

    My 6-year old received a Sox jersey from his grandmother with no name or number on the back. Does anyone know how I can go about adding it in the official font? I don’t live in Chicago (and these days it will be awhile before I’m likely to visit).

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    I've used this place in Woodridge, IL. Call them -- you might be able to (1) mail the jersey to them or (2) have them send you the letters/numbers and you can have a local tailor or seamstress do it.

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      Might reach out to places that make custom jerseys by you and ask if they can do Sox lettering. They might have to special order it but they should be able to do it. It's gonna probably be pricey so if he wants to do a common name might order one straight off the rack.
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        Thanks for the tips. I’ll try calling a few places.