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New Book On the 1959 White Sox

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  • New Book On the 1959 White Sox

    In today’s Tribune Rick Kogan writes a review on a new book that’s out and covers the 1959 AL Champion Chicago White Sox. It definitely sounds like it’s worth checking out. Thanks to my wife White Sox Mick 59 for the heads up on the article

    Charles Billington’s history “Comiskey Park’s Last World Series: A History of the 1959 Chicago White Sox” is fascinating for Chicago baseball fans or a certain age: "You know who you are."

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    I still have the first book written about the 1959 White Sox called The Go Go White Sox written by Chicago Tribune writer and great Sox fan, the late Dave Condon. It came out right before Christmas of 1959 and my parents bought a copy for one of my Christmas presents that year.
    It will be very interesting to read this latest book about the 59 team as I still have great memories about my boyhood idols including attending game 2 of the World Series. A little discrepancy in the written preview. The Sox were not mediocre in the ensuing decade having winning seasons up until 1968. They had 3 seasons in 63, 64 and 65 when they won more games than any other team in the A.L, winning 94, 98 and 95 games.The 67 team who were called the hitless wonders but had fantastic pitching almost won the Pennant.
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    Now coming up to bat for the White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.


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      Little Nell, I too have the Dave Condon book, but I got mine a couple years ago when I found a reasonably priced one. I’ve always coveted that book and they were ALWAYS on the expensive side due to their scarcity and subject matter. Long out of print it was kind of my holy grail book on the ‘59;Go-Go Sox.

      what I love about the book is it was written during the pennant winning season so everyone’s memories and euphoria are still fresh in everybody’s mind. It’s a great read and I’m proud to have it in my White Sox book collection.
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