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Minnie Minoso is in the Hall of Fame

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  • Minnie Minoso is in the Hall of Fame

    White Sox fans have been complaining about this literally my entire life. Today they have one less thing to complain about. Congrats to Minnie, his fans, and his family.
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    Originally posted by HomeFish View Post

    White Sox fans have been complaining about this literally my entire life. Today they have one less thing to complain about. Congrats to Minnie, his fans, and his family.
    Minnie, thanks for some great memories and congrats on your induction into the HOF.
    Sat right behind Minnie out in left field at my first Sox game on July 15, 1955.
    Along with thousands of Sox fans, cried like a baby when the Sox traded him to Cleveland after the 1957 season, some were so upset that they became Cub fans.
    What a great return he made to the southside when on opening day in 1960 he led the Sox to a walk off victory slugging 2 homers including the game winner against the KC A's before up to then the largest opening day crowd in Sox history with over 41,000 on hand.
    To this day I still feel so sad that Minnie wasn't part of the 1959 White Sox who won the AL Pennant with a trip to the World Series.
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    Now coming up to bat for the White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.


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      Congrats to Minnie. A shame he didn't live to see this day.


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        A gentleman to the end. Viva el primo Cubano.


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          Shocked, but not surprised, that a dark cloud rains on Minnie’s parade.

          Congratulations to Minnie for the long-deserved honor.


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            Fantastic for Minnie. He was my favorite player "back in the old days". He was great for baseball.


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              Congratulations to Minnie. Great news.
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                Nellie had more doubles than strikeouts every year from 1950 to 1963, and more triples (12) than strikeouts (11) in 1951 (682 plate appearances.)


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                  Minnie is now the fourth player who broke a team color barrier to be elected to the Hall of Fame. He joins Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby and Ernie Banks.


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                    Congrats to Minnie, it’s been long overdue.

                    COOPERSTOWN, New York – Orestes ‘Minnie’ Miñoso was a White Sox legend, a trailblazer, and an icon for Latino ballplayers. He was once perceived as one of the Hall of Fame’s most glaring omis…

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                      Too bad Minnie isn't around to see this. I'm glad Kaat is.

                      Minnie did everything right. Played the game hard all the time and never complained no matter the situation. Even though uneducated he learned to communicate with the fans and became beloved as a result.
                      Times were so much different then.
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                        Long overdue!
                        White Sox Division Titles: 1983, 1993, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2021


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                          You all know me here as Minnie Minoso and there were many reasons I chose his name as my online name here. I was 16 yrs old when Minnie came to the Sox. I was already a rabid fan of the Sox and had other favorite players like Nellie Fox and Billy Pierce. I was especially fond of Fox because I played second base and was a small player like him. These guys all played hard and it would take a lot for me to let anyone else become more of a favorite than them. I did not know anything about Minnie when we got him, but when I started watching him and the joy with which he played the game,it did not take too long for him to become my favorite player. He played with a certain abandon and just gave everything he had in every game he played.

                          It did not take long for people to begin to overlook the greatness of this man and it happened in the rookie of the year voting. You can look up the stats for yourselves where Gil McDougald won rookie of the year over Minnie. This showed right away that there was an east coast bias . Then after playing great baseball for the team he got shipped of to Cleveland for Early Wynn. It broke all of us Sox fans hearts that Minnie was not part of the 59 team that won the pennant. Veeck brought him back in 1960 along with Roy Sievers to supposedly win another pennant. In doing so, he wrecked the future of the team by trading away all the young stars that would have kept us a competing team for maybe the next ten years.

                          We all have watched for years as Minnie and Pierce and Fox were passed up year after year in the hall of fame voting again by mostly east coast bias in the voting. I for one don't much care about baseballs hall of fame any more because of the poor record of what goes on there. I have my own hall of fame in my head and I am tired of wringing my hands any more about them and how they vote. Minnie should have been in there long ago when he was still alive. the same goes for Billy Pierce.


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                            Some memories I have about Minnie Minoso, I was lucky enough to meet him several times through the years after Bill Veeck bought the Sox prior to the 1976 season.

                            The best meeting of the White Sox legend was at the new Comiskey Park in the early 90’s. I got a call from a friend who used to live in Chicago and was currently residing in Wisconsin. He said he was coming down for the game on Saturday night with his company a sports publication that specialized in memorabilia. They had the big suite down the LF line. Since I was attending the game with my wife and daughter already we agreed to meet up at the Park.

                            Alas he had only 1 badge or lanyard to spare for entry in to the club level suite, I told my wife I’d go down say hello and come back after an inning or two.

                            When I met my buddy on the OF ramp in the 3rd inning and we made our way to the club level suite, he goes to me, grab some food and a beer, there’s plenty. Oh and he pointed out Minnie Minoso sitting at a table signing copies of his autobiography!

                            Needless to say I stayed in the suite till the 8th inning before making it back to my regular seat and my wife was a little peeved I was gone so long, that is until she saw my signed copy of Minnie’s autobiography. Then all was forgiven.


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                              Just Call Me Minnie

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