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  • *Offical* ALDS Game 1 Lance is Pantsed Postgamer

    Not a great start to the series. I know we're better than this. Let's tie this series tomorrow and give the crowd something to really cheer for in Game 3.

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    Pretty ugly game . someone told me that Valdez is a ground ball pitcher, so maybe the Sox have to work the count . it's all in Gio's hands now.


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      I had reservations with Lynn starting game #1 based on his history with the Astros, they own him.

      TLR thought otherwise and it didn't work out.

      McCullers could tell the Sox hitters what he was throwing today and it wouldn't have mattered... like the Astros own Lynn, he owns the Sox.

      Now 0-5 in Houston this year. 10-20 this season on the road against teams with winning records.

      For all intents and purposes Friday's game is a "must win". The difference between being down 0-2 in a best of five and splitting the first two on the road, heading home is like night and day.

      Lot of pressure on Giolito tomorrow afternoon.

      We'll see.
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        We had some chances to get back in it but couldn't get the big hit.
        We need Gio tomorrow to get us the W and come back home tied in the series.
        Now coming up to bat for the White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.


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          The autopsy wrap up of game #1 by DVS of the Sun Times:


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            If they are still playing here are the start times for game #4 and #5:

            Major League Baseball announced start times for Games 4 and 5 (if necessary) of the White Sox’ Astros best of five American League Division Series against the Astros, assigning a 2:37 p.m. start for a Game 4 Monday at Guaranteed Rate Field.

            Game 5 next Wednesday would be a late one, starting at 8:07 p.m. in Houston.

            I assume those are Chicago times.


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              Scott Merkin poses an interesting question in the wake of Rodon's "exciting" in the words of Katz, bullpen session:

              HOUSTON -- A 6-1 loss to the Astros in Game 1 of the American League Division Series left the White Sox with a what-if situation to ponder.


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                The most disappointing thing about this game was Lynn having no command. Two free lead-off walks and they both score. The pitches piled up like a Dylan Cease start.

                If I was TLR, I would find someone else to pitch a Game 5 in Houston if it comes to that.


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                  One thing I noticed and liked was how well rested the Sox looked today.
                  Now coming up to bat for the White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.


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                    Some thoughts:

                    -Today's pitching matchup favored the Astros based on our history against McCullers and their history against Lynn. Tomorrow's matchup favors us. Houston struggles against Giolito. Valdez doesn't miss as many bats as McCullers. Got to take care of business though.

                    -Houston's bullpen is vulnerable. Something to watch the rest of this series. Nothing is overwhelming coming to face our hitters late in the game from what I saw.

                    -Engel hasn't quite looked right offensively since coming back. Thought it was a curious decision to start him against a filthy right hander.

                    -Sox hitters seemed to barrel everything right into the defense today while Houston found grass on seemingly everything. One of those days.

                    -This team has proven to shake off bad losses all year. Need that to continue tomorrow.


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                      On the bright side, other than the HR given up by Lopez (his only hit allowed in two innings) and Crochet scattering a few singles, the bullpen was pretty solid this afternoon, and we've used none of Kopech, Tepera, Kimbrel, or Hendriks.

                      Last postseason started with a dominant Sox win, and ended rather badly; I'm all for trying something different this year - so far, so good!
                      My man Vincent says:

                      "Gogh Gogh White Sox!"


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                        Threw the wrong pitcher on the wrong day against the wrong team. The pessimistic part of me was saying, "Well, they weren't going to beat McCullers, so why not waste Lynn here?"

                        Got to hope Gio is on tomorrow. I think if this goes 5, he gets the start on Wednesday.
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                          I'm fine with starting Lynn today. Why start who is your best guy against them (Giolito) with their untouchable hurler going? That would run a high risk of wasting a Giolito start with a 1-0 loss and then Linn goes tomorrow to lost 2-0?? This way, Giolito is up against someone we have a better chance of getting on base against and scoring.


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                            McCullers taking advantage of a pitcher's plate was key. Have to go the other way more.


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                              Originally posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
                              One thing I noticed and liked was how well rested the Sox looked today.