Due to the need for site maintenance, WSI will be shut down for the next two weeks.

Just kidding.

Rather than having one ongoing gameday thread like we have been doing for the past two seasons, we will have a gameday thread for each post season game. This is how it will work:

After the conclusion of tomorrow's (Sunday) game, the ongoing gameday thread will be shut down. Comments about the game can be posted in the post game thread.

Anyone is welcome to start a Game 1 ALDS thread once Sunday's game is over. If multiple threads are started, they will be merged. Please check to see if there is a thread already started before you start one.

At, or shortly afterwards, the end of each Sox playoff game, that gameday thread wil be shut down. Comments about the game can be made in the post game thread.

When the gameday thread for a playoff game is shut down, feel free to start a gameday thread for the next playoff game.

This is how each gameday thread will be managed. This will keep the site as organized as possible so people will be able to go back to specific games if they want to re-live the real-time reactions to the game.

Enjoy and go Sox!!!