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Does anyone know where this guy is?

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  • Does anyone know where this guy is?

    I started a new job 3 years ago, and I’ve been working the night shift and I don’t get to watch my Sox too often except on the weekends. So my question is, this season I haven’t seen the Box Seat Guy” who sits over the visitors dugout all year! Last season too, obviously because there were NO fans in the stands last year. But this season the fans were welcomed back, and the few games I’ve watched this year, he’s nowhere to be seen. I hope he’s ok, and maybe moved to the Scout Seats or the Club Level.

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    If you mean "the Richard Gere guy" (I never thought there was much resemblance), pretty sure I saw him (via TV) sitting down there a couple of times early in the season, but not recently. Haven't seen him since full capacity returned, so you may be right that he got new seats.


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      I met him at a Steve Earle concert a few years ago. I went up and introduced myself as a fellow Sox fan. Nice guy. He's a doctor. Season-ticket holders have only recently been allowed access to their regular seats so check again next time you are tuning in.!

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        I was wondering where he was too. I never got the Richard Gere look-a-like thing either. We nicknamed him Ken. He's the spitting image of a buddy i have named Ken. Sometimes there's a guy with him, we call Bert; another friend look-a-like of mine (heavier blond gentleman).
        we look for them every game.


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          I always thought he looked like he could have been on All My Children.


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            Speaking of guys we would regularly see on the tv during home games, the M&M's guy sat near me last night. He was in the front row of Sec. 138, right behind the Sox dugout. Probably visible when there was a righty at the Plate.