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The Day MJ Broke Baseball's "Unwritten" Rules...

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  • The Day MJ Broke Baseball's "Unwritten" Rules...

    His quote at the end of the story is priceless and completely MJ:

    There's, once again, been talk of a player breaking baseball's unwritten rules this week. This time it's White Sox superstar Yermín Mercedes. With his team up 11 runs against the Twins on Monday night, Mercedes swung at a 3-0, 47.1-mph offering from position-player pitcher Willians Astudillo. He hit a towering

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    It doesn't say in the story (or I missed it) who the pitcher was, but in a Southern League game it was probably a young pitcher trying to put together a baseball career. Jordan was the sports star in America. I can see where that would have created a problem. He's probably lucky he didn't get a dunk-on-this fastball from one of those flamethrowers who can't throw strikes. Doesn't mean it's right, but fortunately, that Birmingham game didn't cost the Bulls three titles.


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      I'm with's not like a team has never come back in a