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Athletic story about Sox postgame show on Score

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  • Athletic story about Sox postgame show on Score

    This always was therapy for Sox fans after rough losses. Who remembers Rudy in DeKalb and Tom in Des Plaines? I remember Rongey used to take a lot of heat on this site, too, for being contrarion to so many callers and allegedly being a Sox mouthpiece.

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    I moved away from Chicago in 2007 so I never got to listen to peak Rongey, but the White Sox postgame radio show has always been fantastic people watching...err, listening, I guess. I'd put the bitterest and angriest Sox fans up against almost any other fanbase in MLB. Only malcontents who could give angry Sox fans a run for their money are the Yankee fans who though A-Rod sucked while he was putting up MVP numbers for them, and Philly fans because, well, that town is special.
    "Hope...may be indulged in by those who have abundant resources...but those who stake their all upon the venture see it in its true colors only after they are ruined."
    -- Thucydides


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      When I interviewed Bob Grim, the Director of Broadcasting he said that he thought Chris was doing a very good job and that the issues that he sometimes finds himself in are caused by “inexperience.” Bob said that over time Chris will learn how to better handle these things when they come up.