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My Mojo Was Gone

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  • My Mojo Was Gone

    My Mojo Was Gone
    (sung to the tune of "My City Was Gone", by The Pretenders)

    I went back to Ohio
    But my mojo was gone
    There was no clutch hitting
    There was Carlos Rodón
    Momentum had disappeared
    Screw the pennant races
    My White Sox had been pulled down
    Destined for third places
    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

    Well I went back to Ohio
    But my bullpen was gone
    "Ricky, walk Martinez?"
    There was nobody home
    I was stunned and amazed
    My "tanking" memories
    Slowly swirled past
    Same old José Ruiz
    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

    I went back to Ohio
    But my young, exciting team
    Had been swept by the Wahoos
    And our manager greased the slide
    The fans of Ohio
    Had been buoyed by umpires' calls
    And walk-offs filled the air
    Usually after four straight balls
    Said ay, oh, way to go Ohio

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    Well and sadly done...
    Riding Shotgun on the Sox Bandwagon since before there was an Internet...


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      Well done, sir. Haven't heard that song in decades and now, with your new lyrics, I hope I never do again!! (that's a compliment).

      2023 In-Person Record: 7-9
      All-time Sox Attendance Tracker: 317-268
      Posts on old WSI: 7344


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        I’m hoping Rick Hahn (who surely knows the song) does a Google search for “Pretenders” and ends up on the Sox website.