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  • Prospect rankings from The Athletic

    Keith Law ranks the Sox prospects for The Athletic (Paywall)
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    Don't waste your money, Keith Law sucks.


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      Weve been pretty much one of the 2-3 worst in all the rankings. It makes sense, we graduated out a lot of high end talent, other high end talent failed, and our drafts and international signings have not produced what we had hoped the last couple of years. Covid did not help, but so far Jered Kelley has not seemed to live up to the hype yet but its hard to tell because he has not stayed healthy thusfar, even though the potential is very good. It does concern me that we are still struggling to develop prospects out of the draft. Anderson has been sensational, Bummer has been a quality reliever, Crochet has been a very good reliever, but you don't want a middle reliever with pick 11 of round 1 so he has to become either a shut down closer or starter to hit value there. We have some intriguing prospects, but we haven't done a ton well in taking intriguing prospects and turning them into high level MLB players. We do well in trading for others top prospects, but development, we just have yet to figure out, especially in the draft.