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MLB starts the Wood Bat League

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  • MLB starts the Wood Bat League

    MLB launches wood-bat league for draft-eligible prospects (
    This gives prospects an opportunity for more exposure pre-draft.

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    So the Cape Cod League but with better stadiums
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      Originally posted by HomeFish
      So the Cape Cod League but with better stadiums
      Don't forget the Northwoods League. The Cape Cod League canceled their season this year. The Northwoods League played an abbreviated schedule.
      Nellie had more doubles than strikeouts every year from 1950 to 1963, and more triples (12) than strikeouts (11) in 1951 (682 plate appearances.)


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        The Alaska Baseball League is a wood-bat league with a long tradition. It also had to cancel its 2020 season. Bobby Thigpen had a pretty good summer there playing first base for Kenai. Tom Seaver did well, but he pitched, as did Randy Johnson and Dave Stieb. Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire played their as well before finishing their college careers. Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt are among the most recent ABL stars to become MLB stars.